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  1. Go host one yourself if it's such a big thing for you, we're done.
  2. It's closing because Macon didn't wanna have anything to do with the server which is why he gave it to Anthony so it'd be out of his hands. Now everybody seen how that went and sadly it hasn't recovered from that. To add to this Macon isn't gonna continue paying a large amount of money to keep a server running which he has no interest in and seems players don't have an interest in either. The forums will close before the server does but you'll know when that happens, I think it's around June/July.
  3. Click the search bar and change the option on the left side to members.
  4. Main post has been updated.
  5. Sam Boda is now banned from using this forum, let's stay on topic. I can understand why people are mad over money spent on this truck but other than that I don't get it, it's always been an OOC vehicle so unless you just came onto the server to drive around with a VIP tag you might as well play free roam servers. In a coming script change we're gonna re-allow monster trucks but once you're in that truck you'll be teleported to a different virtual world. It's an /OOC/ vehicle and will remain the same as it was before.
  6. As I said the monster truck has always been an OOC vehicle, having it in the county doesn't exactly do anything. We're trying to cut out the OOC aspect as I also stated.
  7. It's not just because it's a derby vehicle, it's not nice to be in a roleplay server and see monster trucks cruising down the hood. We're moving away from the OOC aspect of things and the monster truck has always been an OOC vehicle.
  8. Soy el fuego que arde tu piel.

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