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  1. Verdy Gud Mijn friends!
  2. 18/02/2018: - Added a Light Theme (accessible at the bottom via Theme v (Fig1) - Various bug fixes and errors - Group permission changes
  3. A big one up and well done to the development team. They're clearly putting a lot of effort in and listening to the community feedback. This is a great update, and we can surely expect more to come shortly! Looking forward to more.
  4. Mr Web Developer Read my message... :P

    1. Alex ✌️

      Alex ✌️

      Sorry homie, just got home from work, will get to all my pm's in a bit

  5. Regarding themes, I believe only the dark version is available for everyone at the moment. Probably releasing the light theme tomorrow or in a few hours and could possibly make a real basic theme for those with shit internet?
  6. Mine are fast too. I haven’t had any issues with loading times. I recommend the latest version of Mozilla Firefox if you wanna speed your browsing up! there may be some incompatibility issues with the mobile version of the site, resulting in it being a little bit slower on mobiles and tablets etc, this is down to IPS and not us though
  7. Check out the Forum Change log for info on today's changes. Suggest me more changes via PM if you want to see something different.

  8. 17/02/2018: - Added a link for support.opisgaming.com on the top navigation bar. - Added a link to the staff section on navigation bar - Added access to Admin Panel on Nav Bar for specific user groups (Admin groups) - Renamed Clubs to Factions - Website body font changed to Open Sans - Created Light Version for website for users to switch between. (Need BETA testers, feel free to PM me to try it) (Fig.3 for preview) - Added STATUS Updates. Users can post a status update just like many popular social media sites. You can do this by going to your profile, clicking EDIT PROFILE, Enable Status Updates, and save. To post a status you can click + Create at the top of your page, or go to your profile and submit a status. (See Fig1) - Added Facebook's Emojis - Created Tags for Security and Testers (Fig2) Fig. 1 Fig 2 Fig 3. Preview of light version:
  9. This is a status update! You can enable yours in your profile. Click Edit Profile -> Enable Status Update -> Save!


  10. 16/02/2018: - Added enhanced information for users below their name/avatar on thread posts. - Added PREVIEW button for replies and topics. - Added Administration enhancements - Added board moderator & group moderator availability (should be requested if needed) - Deleted Profile Songs, replaced it with profile videos (same concept) - available to: Server Investors, Executive Members, Server Administrators. (To use ->) Go to your profile, click "Profile Video" on your cover photo. Add a YouTube EMBED link. To get this on a YouTube video Click "Share" and EMBED and just take the link in the code, place it in the profile video box, and it will update to your account. Click here to see my example. - Created a custom scrollbar
  11. Yep the social media links were working until a few hours ago when I updated the theme, will add them back I’ll add a link to the support page but the URL still works.
  12. 15/02/2018: - Mounted Updated Version of Spectrum 4.2.7 - Made background permanently dark (light version coming soon) - Added REACTION emojis for each post. These will give players REPUTATION. - Removed ambient time change and background gradient - Fixed Formatting on posts/threads overlapping. - Added custom OGRP forum icons
  13. You can request new groups in the General Request Board @Jimmy
  14. Certain groups have access, other groups just need to be configured. Some permissions wouldn’t have migrated entirely. I’ll double check the groups tonight. The box code was dated, but I’ll find a version that works for this forum software.
  15. If you're talking about the forums I have added a plugin that allows you to see all of the groups that a user is in, however I may end up disabling it because it looks kinda ugly.