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  1. TBF I think if the marketplace was still going I think it would of brought some sort of money in as people then had something unique and special. I think it would of also been better to have 1 character instead of multiple as there was bugs in between it which could beat the system on things and I prefer to buy a namechange instead
  2. Never the less, the good and bad times will all be good memories careless if there was that one pizza dude who DM'ed you and you got him jailed. It will be a memory lol. At least the server will be about for my birthday! (10th Sept) For those who I don't see before the closing date! Farewell.
  3. The monster truck isn't being removed/banned anymore. Its stay but for the county
  4. That's a better solution. It's progress and I respect the changes.
  5. ^^^ Before it now being 'banned' it actually was an IC vehicle just not allowed to be driven in the City as the county its good for redneck rp because of it being a real truck. It never was an OOC vehicle as we even got permission to drive it in the city for a while until now so I dont know where this OOC is coming from. ^^ David makes the most sense out of this whole situation. Can admins actually fully understand this situation and proccess a conclusion for a better answer as you need to understand facts that its because of certain people that whole things have to be removed. Why not just warn/punish the individual before deciding to remove it for everyone else. I'm sure if the marketplace was still about and the new paypal address was in instead of pryors you would of been happy to accept the $50 for it and let people drive it but because its been removed and the funding are minimal your now trying to take away all privileges from people. However I bet Admins will spawn a monster later on in the year to fuck around with but we won't be able to have it as that shit happens all the time like before Nos was purchase-able admins would just give themselves the command, also mod garages wasn't available admins would open the gates blocking them so they can go in an modify cars but look at us we players have to subscribe to a subscription to have those privileges and this has also been the case for many things which I totally disagree with the works of this community. Careless if this admin has powers doesn't mean you can abuse them for your own sake as your here to do a job which was stated when you first joint the admin team but now your higher up means you can sit back and fuck about. Smh ^^ Even Macon loved the monster trucks like honestly dont ban them!
  6. It was put through to allow monster trucks drive in the city, no issues occurred until someone said its OOC vehicle which isn't unless its a VIP vehicle from VIP HQ as VIP is OOC not IC. I'm sure there would be less fuss and hassle if they just allowed the vehicle to be brought back in all respect to obey the rules to not flip people's vehicles, not to abuse the powers it has but considering its not fast but only to hold down space-bar so the turn radio is good then I can't see much of a problem. All we want is to show off our unique vehicles to surrounding people with no intentions to use them against the rules. I.E I still see people driving VIP cars with no VIP tag like why isn't that handled? Or the amount of times people speeding and a server announcement IG to say stop driving like its a race track but maybe 10 minutes later its forgotten and people are driving like mad dogs ramming, hitting, destroying things. I see it as not many people owning the unique vehicle and the people who own it are far much better than a player who has just got onto the server then using a taxi to get around and they are more likely to cause an issue than a Monster Truck is.
  7. Bro why you mad? Like your just gonna get a forum strike or removed from the community as your not here to play other than slander. I suggest you clean up your talk little boy as most of us actually aint fat white kids. We have jobs in real life unlike you most likely and with parents who are actually there for us. So I suggest you shut your mouth kid. Alexi Rajaram if you use that actual name your a nobody on the server as we dont know you so why just not leave as we couldn't care about your stupid comments and posts. The community was good before you entered it. See ya later.
  8. They want to move forward and progress but clearly not ask with the players about changes on the server so most can be happy. The Admins aka Heads+ can only be happy not us. Remember that one. I'm sorry but there is nothing $50 same in value item and wont be anymore as the MP was removed and saying we can pick between a dealership vehicle or exotic car isn't no where near same value for $50. It's a bit like buying a $50 phone which is being removed and having to trade it back for like a $10 phone which from PayPal's views or any online money banking would see this should be refunded otherwise. But you cant refund the 10 people if that like 1 or 2 of them active with our low 'lowwwwww' playerbase and no complaints are to be made then why remove them? The monster truck isn't OOC as it has 4 wheels, fits in the lines of traffic. So should all 4 wheel cars be banned for being 'OOC' so to speak? Just because its slightly higher than other vehicles and its turning ratio is better. The only thing I see you claim it to be OOC is people flipping cars but like I said that why there was rules for that matter.
  9. $50 gone down the drain. It was like it from the start where as the county is dead and will always be as the city is decent. I managed to swerve an admin I think was Macon about letting it drive-able in the city and as long as no unrp driving or trying to tip vehicles over its fine as it fits within the lanes fine.. I dont understand why your about to take away people's privileges who spent a whooping amount of money to either have it remove or swap for a less valued vehicle which won't add up to the price. Unless you give a $50 reimbursement which wont happen as the server stuggles to stay up then let us keep the monster truck as a rare treat for those who own it and with strict rules like I said no unrp driving to try flip vehicles etc there is no issue. As otherwise then yes you can revoke it from them fair and square but while I was driving it in the city before hand I had no complaints from people or admins except how cool it was to own it so unban it!