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  1. I don't think downgrading will benefit us, SA-MP version is barely the reason why people leave or come. Or even in this case it might be that people would rather come as now there is custom skins offered, however I agree with what Tyrone said above. It's just the fact that if a server goes below 20 people will struggle to stay around due to that "there's no one to RP with" mindset which is true. Now what Don Makaveli is saying: Is pretty much like starting from the scratch, entering that server advertisement phase (SA-MP forums and more) to gain more players which I am hundred percent that isn't something that Macon would like to do anymore as he's lost his interest in SA-MP, he's been here for long and has no interest to run the community anymore. Maybe if only a miracle happened and the current server that is with 15 slots would reach 15/15 daily with people asking and saying why can't I log in and why is there only 15 slots, increase the slots etc. which then again has a 10/100 chance to happen as people are just done playing in this server, it's clear and simple. Past month has shown that people lost their interest on playing here regardless of the massive update which was added plus the more updates that were on the way. Complaints about admins not being online, staff has just lost their motivation after that and moved on with their gaming/out of gaming plans after knowing that there is no point to continue contributing to a server which has a two months deadline, which is understandable.
  2. Well, OK I guess.
  3. - You can have your custom mods on other skins, that works still. - If you don't prefer using the current custom skins that we have added and you want that replaced, you need some knowledge on modding I believe so you will have to edit the current skins which are located here \Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\SAMP\cache\
  4. Upgraded, thank you for your patience.
  5. Hello, The server is currently under maintenance as we are upgrading it to the recent version of SA-MP which is 0.3.DL and we will no longer support the 0.3.7 R2 version. The reason why we are upgrading is because this version offers us to add custom modified skins and objects. As of now we are starting off with ten skins, we will ensure that every skin that is added from us is low poly to fit the GTA game. We look forward to adding a plethora of custom skins in the near future aswell as giving you, the community, the chance to suggest skins that you would like to be added. Now in order to play you are required to download the client: Download 0.3.DL Client from opisgaming.com or Download 0.3.DL Client from sa-mp.com Thank you, Management
  6. Archived.
  7. Both may reapply and we will re-consider. We plan on replacing the Chief Mapper soon so such mistakes don't occurr again.
  8. Opis Gaming Roleplay - 2018 (created by Opis Gaming Development Team) (for Opis Gaming Roleplay) Development Team: George Macon Ryan Finase Kieran Dyer Credits to alternate sources (Y_LESS for foreach, gf, etc) Server developed respectively in the past by Jordan Stullick, Killian Byrnes, Mike_Garber and Billy_Kiscadden. FIRST PART: Lead Developer Kieran Dyer General Changes - Strengthened the objects streamer. - Introducing out-of-character private message system. - - Players may now use /pm to communicate OOC'ly with another player. - - /togpm is used to toggle private messages. - Removed the ability for administrators to whisper from a large distance. - Removed /on Onyx VIP chat. - Removed the green colored global message announcing an administrator on duty. - Adjusted VIP chat colors. Purple color has been brought back for all donator & administrator ranks. - Police department has been added a boat to their vehicle pool. Officers may now utilize their boat at Santa Maria Beach. Allowing police to interact with suspects while in the water by using the boat. With this we intend to remove the water evasion rule soon. Property System - Removed the green house icon and house level by the entrance. - Renamed "House ID:" to "House Number:" to have a rather in-character meaning. - Decreased the textdraw distance by the house entrance. You must now be on a house porch at the door in order to see the details. - Adjusted the text for houses that are on sale. It now contains the following text "This house is listed by the Los Angeles Real Estate Office". - Removed small green house icons appearing on GTA SA minimap for houses that are for sale. Staff Ranks Update - Junior Admin rank merged to General Admin. - Staff rank names changed to: Executive Admin, Head Admin, Lead Admin, Senior Admin, General Admin, Trial Admin. February 18, 2018 - Maintenance Downtime SECOND PART: Executive Admin George Macon Dealership Update - Previous vehicles known as exotic or marketplace vehicles are now available in-game at dealerships. - Added East Beach and Commerce dealerships consisting of the aforementioned vehicles. - Commerce dealership contains vehicles such as sedans and sport cars, lowriders can be found at East Beach. - Staff team will strictly enforce the vehicle purchase spawn points by impounding the vehicles, players must ensure that their vehicle is parked at their house by a moderator after purchase. - Some of the prices may be high, in-character efforts must be made in order to purchase expensive vehicles. Sanchez Super Low dealership - East Beach Glow Motorsports dealership - Commerce Aircraft dealership - El Corona Injury/Death System rework - /acceptdeath - /respawn - Changed the injured animation. - Added a timer in order to prevent the abuse of acceptdeath feature. - Injured players have to wait 180 seconds before willing to accept their death. - After accepting death, they must wait another 180 seconds in order to respawn. - An injured player may only be forced to death by another player. That skips the 180 seconds timer. - Deceased players are unable to talk in-character while in death mode. - Deceased players are free to respawn whenever the script allows them to do so. Injuries System - /injuries - Fixed the old /damages command, replaced it with /injuries. - When in injured mode, this detects the player's injuries scriptwise. - Players may no longer roleplay their injuries at their will but must make use of the /injuries command instead. - Visit the injuries system topic to learn more about the types of rounds shown in this dialog box. General changes - Updated and simplified /viprules for donators. - Updated the old links to the new opisgaming.com domain (login screen links will be changed soon). - Removed /tlaws. - Donators may no longer make use of VIP cars without having their VIP nametag turned on. - Removed the player name and ID from showing on advertisements. Moderation team - Moderation team will now only have one rank; Moderator. - Removed Junior, Senior and Moderator Manager ranks. Bug fixes - Fixed a bug where a specific player ID could not make use of /pm. PMing yourself will now return an error message. - /ad is now accessible for players aswell. - (ADMIN) Fixed a bug with changing player passwords. 2.5.3 Changes - Fixed /colorcar - Fixed /refuel - Fixed /rims - Fixed Rental Cars - Fixed /carkeys - Fixed VIP commands 2.5.4 Changes - Upgraded to 0.3.DL - Added 10 Custom Skins - Fixed minor bugs created in 2.5.3 NOTE: We promised changes with the mapping but we ran into management issues, mapping team will now be revamped and we are looking into hiring professional mappers willing to assist with improving the mapping on the server. Tests were done prior to release however, in case you come across a bug do not hesitate to report it at the Bug Reports section and please avoid doing it here if there is any. If there is any questions, feel free to ask! Thank you.
  9. Server is now back up. An update changelog will be posted soon.
  10. Scroll down and click Theme like shown in the picture. Forums are indeed a bit slower, developers know more about it.
  11. Yeah we decided to unban them after several "complaints" from certain people. To clarify as a bunch of replies here state that we do not care about those who bought them in the past and we just removed them because we want, some of them even state that we are scamming our players by trying to remove them which is not true. I'm not going to exaggerate it any further but just drop a forum report link here to let people know what happened right after we unbanned Monster trucks: - http://forums.opisgaming.com/index.php?/topic/48043-kane-jackson-driving-over-peoples-cars-with-a-monstertruck/ If the community wants changes, they need to help us on that and not just make things look worse instead. Locked.
  12. We plan on bringing back the default City Hall mapping with a small texture rework on it.
  13. Added: - The ability to spawn at house when logging in (if timeout, you spawn at the last position).
  14. Greetings, Our game server will now be password protected for the following days due to maintenance. We expect to be back soon on Monday with a script update! Meanwhile we invite you to join our Discord or TeamSpeak server, find the relevant information in the Official Announcements board. The reason behind this is to fix some well known bugs that we believe should not allow the server to be up without being fixed. We aim to push a script update due Monday when the server will be back up. This update consists of various bug fixes and improvements, vehicle dealerships (no more marketplace vehicles confusion), server-wide custom mapping revamp, death and injured system rework, moderation team rank changes and the ability to spawn at house when logging in (if timeout, you spawn at the last position). Thank you for your patience, see you soon!
  15. Let's not allow this topic to escalate any further please, issuing forum warnings is the last thing that we would like to do. You may take it to private messages if it's something that does not have to do with the topic.