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  1. Hope to see the server re-opened in like 10-15 years when Brian make s it out lol jk
  2. We gotta do something,like,I've been here since 2014,it's sad to see how the server dies slowly. I got no paypal,no credit card,if I could,I would donate 100 bucks,but I can't,I got no job,I'm a student. I cannot make any ads on SA-MP forums because I don't meet the requirements and I don't even have a account there. The only thing I can do it's to stay online when the server got 0 outta 175,and I just stay there hoping that someone will log in,that someone bring another one and so on. We gotta do our very best to atleast visit the server sometimes. The daily basis players are me,Johnny Wild(s/o to u buddy),Jon Moxley,Natasha sometimes,Tiaan Nel and some other ones,sorry guys I forgot your names xD. Whatever,I've been logged in,and I'm still logged in,I've had like a 30 min RP for a accident and a ticket with Daniel Jackson,I RPed a thing that I used to RP in 5-10 mins because I was "hungry" to RP with someone. I was never so excited to see someone who really wants a decent RP since a long time ago. We we're the only guys online and we acted like we had 100 more on the server. The sad thing is that it was his last RP on this server,and it was sad to hear that from a "veteran" of this server. I'm just asking you guys,please,instead of moaning that we need Pryor back,or just typing random stuff on the forums,just make a effort and log in,many peeps just log in,stay there two or three minutes and log out. What do y'all solve with this? Think that,we will loose this server,I give it two months to be closed,because George is right,he cannot afford to pay the bills for the server,it's 154 bucks per month for a damn stundent,y'all should know that it's hard for a full-time stundent to make money since I guess more that fifty percent of the community is in high school. I'll make a effort and I'll try to donate myself by asking mom or dad's card,but I cannot do much more. Donating it's not the only issue here,the player base is. If you donat = you keep the server alive with 0 players outta 175. If the server is closed and you donated,you'll say that you gave money in vain. Right,because you all couldn't make a effort to stay online and support the current administration. That's all I had to say,y'all can feel offended,but that's all I think about this server,and I'll support my idea and the server till the very end. God bless OG-RP,let's hope that all the negative things brings us a bright future.