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  1. Oh man Its really sad that this is getting off. My first server on SAMP and my most played server. Been here from 2013 with different names and all hahahah... banned many times and came back because no matter how many problems were there in the script, I loved the community. It was easy to understand and to adapt into. I'm not been able to play from one month due to the fact that 0.3DL is incompatible with one of my vehicle mod and I dont know which. I'll have to reinstall my game in order to play and remove all mods for 0.3DL to work. Now that this is closing, I will definitely try my best to get the mods work or at last I'll remove my game to play. R.I.P. Project Los Angeles probably make the script with DB Open Source? or merge the accounts with some other server probably Horizon or something.
  2. Whats going on friends? :)

    1. Alex ✌️

      Alex ✌️

      Home from work, did some updates on forums, now gonna sleep for the rest of the day :7_sweat_smile:

    2. Jimmy


      You're doing great job Alex. Have a good sleep..

  3. Alright, thanks for the reply buddy. @Alex ✌️
  4. OOOh.
  5. I still dont know how do i add user groups?
  6. Another question, How to apply for new groups, like we used to do on old forums?
  7. Okay so I got a question. What is this Reputation System in new forums? How to gain/give reputation to people? please explain us.
  8. I dont really think its good idea to ban Monster Trucks. Make it a rare vehicle, means no more spawning. the player who has it can use it and sell it as normal. We see monster trucks irl but yeah not on the busy roads of city, but hey, this is just a game right, the whole point is to have fun by showing off what you got.