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  1. One last mass DM at pizza stack, it's what the Gucci's and Gwapo's would've wanted. On another note will the forums stay up?
  2. Lol I'd hardly call horizon an "rp" server
  3. Why is there so many PD forum tags

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    2. Alex ✌️

      Alex ✌️

      Most of the groups were carried over from the old forums, realistically there is no need for them, however the command tags allow moderation powers for the LAPD section and Job Listings IC, and the detective tag gives access to a private section on the forums for Detectives

    3. Conway


      Then why do we have 8 when 3 suffice 

    4. Alex ✌️

      Alex ✌️

      Idk been there for ages i'll delete them lol