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  1. More likely not fam, all samp servers are kinda dead now, people are moving on to new games sadly.
  2. Man i knew he was fucking OGRP up, i even messaged you saying him and his admins was all a bunch of faggots, I'm glad you have taken it back over, also i love the new website who ever plan it was to do it @Alex ✌️, I hope the server on SAMP get's back to how it used to be, that stuff was fun back in the days, i remember that one time when OGRP hit 120 players! Some crazy stuff! #HopeWorks
  3. Mr Web Developer Read my message... :P

    1. Alex ✌️

      Alex ✌️

      Sorry homie, just got home from work, will get to all my pm's in a bit

  4. That's you're internet bro because it's really fast for me... Maybe a good idea! LOL
  5. Thank You.. Nicely Done.
  6. Is the Support page coming back? The links on the top of YouTube and Facebook and Twiiter needs to be changed to opis.... @Jefe @Alex ✌️ Other than that, it's looking good!
  7. Thanks for the reply, much more better, glad to see it's getting better.
  8. Quick question added to my last question, can people still apply for admin because i don't think they should able to, they would have to learn it? @Jefe
  9. Sounds good to me, i'm down.
  10. As there is no marketplace anymore, what about VIP and Server Investors what are gonna happen to them?
  11. What are the moderation team rank changes? if you could share the info?
  12. I agree with this, why can't it be down for everyone in stand of just admins, We play the game and enjoy it, the fact that you banning vehicles in the game, witch is pure stupid because not many people use Monster trucks plus there was a rule on it when you buy it, don't drive though the city with it unless you wanna be jailed, so my question is what is the problem with that? Plus you could give refunds to all the people who paid $50 for it, because that's kinda unfar who bought it.... no replacements....
  13. Question how can you changed from Server Investor to Mod or something else?