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    Downgrade to 0.3.7 to get more players.
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    Wait are yall serious about why you don't know why its closing Like the fuck??? No one has been on the server for like past month and it has sat at 0 players Why should he keep paying out of his own pocket if no one is going to play on it
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    Omfg How the fuck is everyone still bitching about the server being dead Like holy fuck let it die and Its not like anyone is doing anything to fix it The players that are bitching haven't been on and its been empty @Jefe didn't have to keep it up this long but he did, This guy lost a shit load due to the server Let the fucking thing die and To the people saying keep it up Do me a favor and shut the fuck up please
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    Everyone can run a server but it takes time to build a community. Whoever has the time and can put the effort on this should take on leading the server as there's some people who's up for playing. To be honest, If we had a kick to atleast 30+ players it would increase dramatically. It's just the downfall to under 20 players and no one wants to play. Anyway, great time here hope it gets revived with a good plan.
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    Bitch please you know who you talking to? I'm the Captain of solutions. So idiots, taking example of NGG and Horizon Gaming do you know what they did ? both servers were at mediocre playerbase they merged their servers in one, one offered their script to others, how about you do the same ? Now they both run under Horizone's name and have ~ 200 players each and how about you find a server do it with, I'd suggest a high RP one but with kinda low players I mean script wise you cannot offer much but you cna promise them a few extra players @Jefe @Tremaine Brown @Paul Morgan
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    One of the worst admin team ever on a RP server, full of foriengers that are brainwashed on how RP works from only playing on this low shit rp. The worst anti cheat a RP server has ever had, Literally can spawn guns server side and sell or do whatever with them, Can spawn jetpacks, Can dupe weapons and the list goes on. One of the oldest scripts, The server still never even got custom nametag or the on player hit reg, not enough in the script to give people something to do, Jobs was shit gang script was shit all there was to it is /sell. Server was full of bugs and the scripters was slow af cos they was all busy and never invested money into someone who could actually script well with the new stuff.
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    Donations haven’t gone well and he can’t be paying for this out of his own pocket all the time like he have been for a while. Sad to see but everything has an end. Pretty sure we all had a great time here while it lasted.
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    We gotta do something,like,I've been here since 2014,it's sad to see how the server dies slowly. I got no paypal,no credit card,if I could,I would donate 100 bucks,but I can't,I got no job,I'm a student. I cannot make any ads on SA-MP forums because I don't meet the requirements and I don't even have a account there. The only thing I can do it's to stay online when the server got 0 outta 175,and I just stay there hoping that someone will log in,that someone bring another one and so on. We gotta do our very best to atleast visit the server sometimes. The daily basis players are me,Johnny Wild(s/o to u buddy),Jon Moxley,Natasha sometimes,Tiaan Nel and some other ones,sorry guys I forgot your names xD. Whatever,I've been logged in,and I'm still logged in,I've had like a 30 min RP for a accident and a ticket with Daniel Jackson,I RPed a thing that I used to RP in 5-10 mins because I was "hungry" to RP with someone. I was never so excited to see someone who really wants a decent RP since a long time ago. We we're the only guys online and we acted like we had 100 more on the server. The sad thing is that it was his last RP on this server,and it was sad to hear that from a "veteran" of this server. I'm just asking you guys,please,instead of moaning that we need Pryor back,or just typing random stuff on the forums,just make a effort and log in,many peeps just log in,stay there two or three minutes and log out. What do y'all solve with this? Think that,we will loose this server,I give it two months to be closed,because George is right,he cannot afford to pay the bills for the server,it's 154 bucks per month for a damn stundent,y'all should know that it's hard for a full-time stundent to make money since I guess more that fifty percent of the community is in high school. I'll make a effort and I'll try to donate myself by asking mom or dad's card,but I cannot do much more. Donating it's not the only issue here,the player base is. If you donat = you keep the server alive with 0 players outta 175. If the server is closed and you donated,you'll say that you gave money in vain. Right,because you all couldn't make a effort to stay online and support the current administration. That's all I had to say,y'all can feel offended,but that's all I think about this server,and I'll support my idea and the server till the very end. God bless OG-RP,let's hope that all the negative things brings us a bright future.
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    These changes should've been made a year ago, when people kept suggesting it, but better now than never
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    What about a steam group? Everybody can join, so that we wont lose each other.
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    I can found a host if that's the case cause the host isn't the problem-players are. Clearly. You can't take away something that players like unless the actual game dies, there is always another way. So shut your mouth boy, do it right boy, ight boy?
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    So partly anti-cheat is the problem?
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    I understand that and yes i did not play cause the server was empty... Do you expect me to play on a empty server? OK. I will play alone 24/7 if the server remains open
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    You guys voted over the past month with not playing
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    With all due respect i think PLAYERS OF OG:RP SHOULD DECIDE whether our beloved server should close or not. I mean we are also a part of community the fuck?! Therefore here is what i think We should have a vote ''Close'' ''Keep it open'' and if Open gets more votes y'all can keep it open with less player slots then before and IF the server gets full you can buy more slots. Please... I've also spent a lot on the server and i was looking forward to continue having my fun on our beloved server. Thanks, Don
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    The anti cheat was completely broken and old. Been able to spawn and dupe guns just totally ruins the server. Everyone running around with hacked server side weapons. Gangs was left to do nothing. The weapon system flopped cos everyone had hacked weapons anyway, so there was barely anyone who actually needed guns to create RP. Everyone was asking for a warehouse where only official factions could get guns, but it never happened. The drugs was useless and nobody wanted them, cos they didn't even give you any advantage. I don't know why the drugs was made to not do anything, cos before they actually was worth getting, and it created a lot of RP through gangs. But they got destroyed for what reason? What new jobs btw? i haven't been on the server in months but i'm assuming there isn't any new jobs, atleast i cant think of any that have been added in years. The new name tags is just updated nametags that patch nametag hacking, which half of the PD was using. And the on player hit is a damage script on most RP and DM servers, which makes the hit register if you hit the character no matter what. It's been on banks DM for years, and then everyone else started using it. And for the admin team, there was decent admins not saying there wasn't. Just a bunch of bias shit too cos everyone knows everyone and it ended up with a bunch of admins been hired through friends, and a lot of admins was just getting hired for the power of been a admin and not the fact to actually do a good job and be fair. And one of the most cancer things i have seen from a lot of these new admins, is them rushing reports answering mulitple at once, and then not been able to keep up with them and just getting confused, instead of just dealing with one report at once. Cos the way to look good in admin team is apperently getting as many reports as you can.
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    Well, this is like the ending of a movie.. where everyone will go their separate ways but may meet up again... If you see me around dont be afraid to hmu.
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    Never the less, the good and bad times will all be good memories careless if there was that one pizza dude who DM'ed you and you got him jailed. It will be a memory lol. At least the server will be about for my birthday! (10th Sept) For those who I don't see before the closing date! Farewell.
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    What a sad news, There is so much fun and sad memories in OGRP/PLA This server is really rare, I'm wondering that we have a farewell event like Last screenshot together or last roleplay, etc on our last day in OGRP Thankyou OGRP/PLA
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    Opis Gaming Roleplay - 2018 (created by Opis Gaming Development Team) (for Opis Gaming Roleplay) Development Team: George Macon Ryan Finase Kieran Dyer Credits to alternate sources (Y_LESS for foreach, gf, etc) Server developed respectively in the past by Jordan Stullick, Killian Byrnes, Mike_Garber and Billy_Kiscadden. FIRST PART: Lead Developer Kieran Dyer General Changes - Strengthened the objects streamer. - Introducing out-of-character private message system. - - Players may now use /pm to communicate OOC'ly with another player. - - /togpm is used to toggle private messages. - Removed the ability for administrators to whisper from a large distance. - Removed /on Onyx VIP chat. - Removed the green colored global message announcing an administrator on duty. - Adjusted VIP chat colors. Purple color has been brought back for all donator & administrator ranks. - Police department has been added a boat to their vehicle pool. Officers may now utilize their boat at Santa Maria Beach. Allowing police to interact with suspects while in the water by using the boat. With this we intend to remove the water evasion rule soon. Property System - Removed the green house icon and house level by the entrance. - Renamed "House ID:" to "House Number:" to have a rather in-character meaning. - Decreased the textdraw distance by the house entrance. You must now be on a house porch at the door in order to see the details. - Adjusted the text for houses that are on sale. It now contains the following text "This house is listed by the Los Angeles Real Estate Office". - Removed small green house icons appearing on GTA SA minimap for houses that are for sale. Staff Ranks Update - Junior Admin rank merged to General Admin. - Staff rank names changed to: Executive Admin, Head Admin, Lead Admin, Senior Admin, General Admin, Trial Admin. February 18, 2018 - Maintenance Downtime SECOND PART: Executive Admin George Macon Dealership Update - Previous vehicles known as exotic or marketplace vehicles are now available in-game at dealerships. - Added East Beach and Commerce dealerships consisting of the aforementioned vehicles. - Commerce dealership contains vehicles such as sedans and sport cars, lowriders can be found at East Beach. - Staff team will strictly enforce the vehicle purchase spawn points by impounding the vehicles, players must ensure that their vehicle is parked at their house by a moderator after purchase. - Some of the prices may be high, in-character efforts must be made in order to purchase expensive vehicles. Sanchez Super Low dealership - East Beach Glow Motorsports dealership - Commerce Aircraft dealership - El Corona Injury/Death System rework - /acceptdeath - /respawn - Changed the injured animation. - Added a timer in order to prevent the abuse of acceptdeath feature. - Injured players have to wait 180 seconds before willing to accept their death. - After accepting death, they must wait another 180 seconds in order to respawn. - An injured player may only be forced to death by another player. That skips the 180 seconds timer. - Deceased players are unable to talk in-character while in death mode. - Deceased players are free to respawn whenever the script allows them to do so. Injuries System - /injuries - Fixed the old /damages command, replaced it with /injuries. - When in injured mode, this detects the player's injuries scriptwise. - Players may no longer roleplay their injuries at their will but must make use of the /injuries command instead. - Visit the injuries system topic to learn more about the types of rounds shown in this dialog box. General changes - Updated and simplified /viprules for donators. - Updated the old links to the new opisgaming.com domain (login screen links will be changed soon). - Removed /tlaws. - Donators may no longer make use of VIP cars without having their VIP nametag turned on. - Removed the player name and ID from showing on advertisements. Moderation team - Moderation team will now only have one rank; Moderator. - Removed Junior, Senior and Moderator Manager ranks. Bug fixes - Fixed a bug where a specific player ID could not make use of /pm. PMing yourself will now return an error message. - /ad is now accessible for players aswell. - (ADMIN) Fixed a bug with changing player passwords. 2.5.3 Changes - Fixed /colorcar - Fixed /refuel - Fixed /rims - Fixed Rental Cars - Fixed /carkeys - Fixed VIP commands 2.5.4 Changes - Upgraded to 0.3.DL - Added 10 Custom Skins - Fixed minor bugs created in 2.5.3 NOTE: We promised changes with the mapping but we ran into management issues, mapping team will now be revamped and we are looking into hiring professional mappers willing to assist with improving the mapping on the server. Tests were done prior to release however, in case you come across a bug do not hesitate to report it at the Bug Reports section and please avoid doing it here if there is any. If there is any questions, feel free to ask! Thank you.
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    Why is there so many PD forum tags
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    He can't post anymore, he's only here to troll
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