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  2. Hope to see the server re-opened in like 10-15 years when Brian make s it out lol jk
  3. Can't it's copyrighted, and I don't own it.
  4. 0.3.7 isnt outdated when every other server uses it u twat
  5. Oh man Its really sad that this is getting off. My first server on SAMP and my most played server. Been here from 2013 with different names and all hahahah... banned many times and came back because no matter how many problems were there in the script, I loved the community. It was easy to understand and to adapt into. I'm not been able to play from one month due to the fact that 0.3DL is incompatible with one of my vehicle mod and I dont know which. I'll have to reinstall my game in order to play and remove all mods for 0.3DL to work. Now that this is closing, I will definitely try my best to get the mods work or at last I'll remove my game to play. R.I.P. Project Los Angeles probably make the script with DB Open Source? or merge the accounts with some other server probably Horizon or something.
  6. Yesterday
  7. We gotta let go of the server, it's dead, so there's no point of making Macon pay outta of pocket for no players. And there's nothing we can do, for the reason our server is so dead, people went for LSRP and RCRP, because of the players and the script.
  8. It's closing because you guys ain't playing anymore it means the server isn't having the enough players to play in the server
  9. The server has been on a downtrend since 2014. The administration is and has been amateurs since day one. This disastrous situation has been on the way for soo many years due to lack of competent administrators, and suddenly changing the rather unique name to fucking OPIS, did not make it better.. How many times did they change name/ip/website.. Like 3 fucking times?? Besides whoever took over after Brian(Who was barely seen around haha), really needs to improve his leadership skills. Anyways, sad to see shit go.. had a blast years back. At least it gives the players still stuck here, an opportunity to move to a real RP server and actually learn what RP is.
  10. Last week
  11. stop playing on retarded outdated samp servers lol
  12. shut up
  13. RIP ???????? 2014-2018 ???????? i miss my banned account ???????? Honestly i banned for this server 10 times 10 account ????????
  14. ;(
  15. truth hurts.
  16. Go host one yourself if it's such a big thing for you, we're done.
  17. Community can stay just change game mode from RP to free roam or cops and robbers or battle royal for e.g. @Paul Morgan you haven't lost your interests for sa-mp and you know what you're doing and i'm sure you can make this community great again!
  18. I don't think downgrading will benefit us, SA-MP version is barely the reason why people leave or come. Or even in this case it might be that people would rather come as now there is custom skins offered, however I agree with what Tyrone said above. It's just the fact that if a server goes below 20 people will struggle to stay around due to that "there's no one to RP with" mindset which is true. Now what Don Makaveli is saying: Is pretty much like starting from the scratch, entering that server advertisement phase (SA-MP forums and more) to gain more players which I am hundred percent that isn't something that Macon would like to do anymore as he's lost his interest in SA-MP, he's been here for long and has no interest to run the community anymore. Maybe if only a miracle happened and the current server that is with 15 slots would reach 15/15 daily with people asking and saying why can't I log in and why is there only 15 slots, increase the slots etc. which then again has a 10/100 chance to happen as people are just done playing in this server, it's clear and simple. Past month has shown that people lost their interest on playing here regardless of the massive update which was added plus the more updates that were on the way. Complaints about admins not being online, staff has just lost their motivation after that and moved on with their gaming/out of gaming plans after knowing that there is no point to continue contributing to a server which has a two months deadline, which is understandable.
  19. LSRP, RCRP, and the list goes on. Point taken?
  20. Omfg How the fuck is everyone still bitching about the server being dead Like holy fuck let it die and Its not like anyone is doing anything to fix it The players that are bitching haven't been on and its been empty @Jefe didn't have to keep it up this long but he did, This guy lost a shit load due to the server Let the fucking thing die and To the people saying keep it up Do me a favor and shut the fuck up please
  21. at least people existed to complain back then. and literally your server is the only one that requires 0.3DL in my favourite list and trust me it is quite big I'm bored as heck to change it everytime.
  22. Legit not more than 2 weeks ago everyone was complaining we weren’t on 0.3DL like everyone else was, but now that we’re on it we’re back to go back to 0.3.7 just like we did 3 months ago with 0.3.8, sorry guys but no more changes as is from now on
  23. man talking the truth
  24. Downgrade to 0.3.7 to get more players.
  25. Everyone can run a server but it takes time to build a community. Whoever has the time and can put the effort on this should take on leading the server as there's some people who's up for playing. To be honest, If we had a kick to atleast 30+ players it would increase dramatically. It's just the downfall to under 20 players and no one wants to play. Anyway, great time here hope it gets revived with a good plan.
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